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Post  surf on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:35 pm

Obama and Holder are providing a Somali Muslim Murderer/Terrorist the full protections of our Domestic Court System after lying/saying the Military Tribunals would continue. Why do you suppose Holder/Obama are protecting the club wielding Black Panthers who were intimidating voters at the polls and now also Muslim Terrorist? Now it turns out that many of those gun shipments being protected by Holder/Obama and the BATF went to the MS13 Gangs in Central America, not just the Mexican Drug Cartels. Never in history has a sitting President been so clearly the enemy of the American people and America itself. While destroying the economy, free enterprise and capitalism, not to mention the Constitution, he is simultaneously arming the most despicable terrorist gangs in the Western Hemisphere, entering into agreements with The Muslim Brotherhood and working with various U.N. entities to force the disarming of the American people via ‘The treaty Process’. Simultaneously it has come out that the majority of QE II (600B) went to bailout Foreign Banks and Corporations and was billed to the American Taxpayers. The NWO occupies the Oval Office. Obama is their pawn. He has many loyalties which take precedence over the American People. He will “stand with the Muslims” he said. Remember when the ‘Stimulus Funds’ were to go to job creating ‘shovel ready projects’? Now he admits there were no ‘shovel ready projects’. The Gun Running Programs that went to Mexican Drug Cartels and the MS 13 Gangs in Honduras WERE FUNDED USING THE STIMULUS FUNDS, OUR TAX DOLLARS. Do you not understand that Obama’s Government, ‘The Corporation’, is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION? Must MS 13, packing Obama’s Guns, arrive in your bedroom before you will wake up?

· I had a unique experience last weekend that reminded me of what our country desperately needs right now. I was in Barnes and Noble buying the book ‘Family of Secrets’, 575 pages (in paperback) of whodunit about the BUSH FAMILY. There on the shelf, staring me straight in the face was a picture of Ronald Reagan on the cover of the book ‘Crusader, the defeat of Communism’. It reminded me of the afternoon I and others spent with Reagan. As we were being introduced his eyes began at the top of my head, went quickly to my toes and back to my eyes. I felt as though I had been strip searched. A great memory relived last Saturday. Where oh where is our ‘Dragon Slayer’ now that the Dragons have returned? He was our last true ‘Conservative Leader’. Since then it has been Democrats and Democrats Light (RINO’s).

· * I regret to report that nothing has changed regarding our intell about the Dinar Revaluation. WE do hear and keep up with the daily updates from many who believe in this and from many who claim to be ‘in the know’ for one reason or another. Our Banking Sources, Currency Trading Sources and ‘Players’ in Europe and China continue to say ‘nothing to it, it’s a CIA Scam’. The ‘negative side’ of this analysis continues to say “this would recapitalize the bad guys, do you think we are nuts”? With a phone call you can purchase, this morning, One Million Uncirculated Iraqi Dinars for $1240.00 Fed Res/American Dollars, which, according to true believers, will be worth many thousands of times that purchase price by ‘tomorrow’, certainly by the next day.

· * Again this week as last I find myselfastonished, flabbergasted, dumbfounded at the comments, speeches and Public Lying of ‘His Highness’ who I call ‘His Goofiness’. Guns to MS 13 is enough to make ones skin crawl but right now I am referring to his playing the violin while singing ‘Lullaby and Goodnight’ to the people while our country swirls around the toilet bowl because of his already implemented policies of saving the Corrupt Elite he works for at the expense of generations of Taxpayers. The consequences of his policies are only now BEGINNING to come to roost upon the heads of the people. It’s going to get much worse for the people as his $400B of Obamacare Taxation kicks in, his ‘stripping’ of Medicare kicks in, the purchasing power of every dollar continues to fall, the preplanned increase in the cost of utilities is implemented, unemployment increases as City, County, State and Federal Budgets come up short due to his destructive policies. Not allowing ‘Capitalism’ to work by destroying the corrupt and the incompetent has doomed our country to Socialism (at a minimum) and now the GOOFY Liberals who have destroyed Capitalism seek to blame Capitalism for the failure of what they have intentionally destroyed. It is all so very sad and so very GOOFY. I think the man is actually ‘Loony Toons’ as I have said before. But he is SLICK. The SLICKEST I have ever seen. Slicker even than Clinton. He can lie so convincingly BECAUSE HE BELIEVES HIS OWN REDICULOUS LIBERAL/KEYNESIAN NONSENSE. He has been BRAINWASHED. Would you ever know, listening to him, that the Senate voted down his Proposed Budget 97 to 0 ? Or that he has gone against the advice of his own ‘Debt Commission’, formed by him with his own appointees to advise him what to do? Or that his entire Economic Team has now resigned except Geithner who is also Illuminati? IMO the man is every bit as dangerous as Hitler because his fantasy world has no basis in reality. He is ‘Alice’ in wonderland. He is a textbook example of someone who has been so thoroughly ‘brainwashed’ (since childhood I contend) that he can ‘fiddle while Rome burns’ because Burning Rome is the plan. A more accurate portrayal, rather than a Violin or a Fiddle might be him singing “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” while playing a Ukulele. One does not get voted the most far left member of the Senate accidentally. The man is to the left of Pelosi. The man is a GOOFY Communist and was raised a Communist by his Communist Mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis, his ‘stand in father’ who was also, by the way, a SEXUAL PERVERT, and many others. One of those ‘others’ was his 20 year mentor who married him, ‘The Rev. Jeremiah Wright’ who taught him “God Bless America’, no no no “God Damn America”. Finally they have ‘their man’ in the White House. And while he is singing ‘sweet nothings’ to you and 40+ % of you are lapping it up like warm milk, YOUR PRESIDENT is now signing agreements with THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and protecting ARMS SHIPMENTS TO MS13 in South America. Is Obama an ‘in the closet’ Muslim? Do the American people deserve what is coming down upon them?

· Someone once said “there are Lies, Damn Lies and then there are Statistics”. As bad as the Government Statistics are they do not begin to tell the truthabout unemployment. For example, if you are out of work andhave been looking for a job for two years with no luck, you are, in their eyes, no longer unemployed and you are dropped from their ‘Statistics’ of the unemployed. You no longer exist. Then there is the ‘birth/death model’ by which they tell all manner of lies regarding the unemployed. Then there are the post facto ‘revisions’ in which they go back and revise downward the previous months dismal Statistics after you have gone back to sleep.. Then there is the biggest lie of all, The V.P. of this or that company is now flipping burgers and therefore ‘employed’. His life is in tatters. His family is on the street or soon may be. His ‘Middle Class’ life has been ripped away from him and is likely never to return. There are MILLIONS of such people and every single one is a HUMAN BEING with a lifetime invested in ‘getting ahead’ only to have his life and millions of otherlives DESTROYED so the Corrupt Banksand affiliated Illuminati Elites/Corporations/Foreign Banks could be saved using TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of the taxpayers funds which could have been used to create jobs. Millions upon millions of people could have been hired by the Government at $100,000.00 year to pick up trash on the highway and we would yet to have spent half what they have given the corrupt Banks worldwideall of which are still insolvent, a fact covered up by Fraudulent Accounting Practices approved by equally Corrupt Government Regulators. Those people would be shopping, providing jobs for others, and our country would not be two thirds of the way down the sliding board leading to absolute insolvency and the destitution of the middle class. It is the Communist Coo Coo’s under Obama’s Communist leadership who are responsible for exacerbating this disaster, the same ones who are now jumping ship and looking for hiding places. And some of them apparently, in addition to funding their Banker Friends Trillions of taxpayerdollars in subsidies, are now making off with hundreds of millions for themselves personally. There was a joke in the business world 40 years ago (no longer true) that Cleveland was the armpit of the world. Today Washington D.C. is the CESSPOOL of the world so deep is the sludge (criminal activity) that it should no longer serve as Capital of our Republic, but I digress. The subject is the unemployed, the devastation to their lives and Obama’s jokes about them, claiming that they pay no attention to the goings on in D.C., that he has been sent there to think for them. The unemployment rate IS NOT 9.2% and climbing. Using OBAMA’s OWN LYING STATISTICS U-6 is 16 plus percent and the TRUTH, if you are interested, can be found at ‘Shadow Stats’ and is 22.7% unemployment. One in seven Americans are on food stamps while 40+ percent of you ‘sway to the music’ whether violin, fiddle or ukulele, it is accompanied by the biggest LIAR in the history of the Oval Office. These are human beings, not numbers and damn sure not ‘Statistics’. “Saved or created X number of jobs” says Obama. What a crop of crap. It’s like when Clinton insisted on saying that a reduction in the rate of growth of government spending was a “cut” in spending. Or, ‘ it depends upon what the definition of is is’. It is only the ignorance and yes, theunbelievable STUPIDITY of his constituents and the co-operation of the controlled media that allows these ‘in your face’ liesto continue day after day. For every job Obama saved, perhaps in a Bank, his policies cost our country 100 jobs and ‘His Goofiness’ knows this, he is doing it purposely to convert our country toGovernment Dependence, Welfarism, Marxism, Central Planning, Total Government Control, the Communist NWO and a Police State run by himself, the Black Panthers, Mexican Drug Cartels, MS 13 Gangs, Gov’t Goon Squads, Paramilitary Trained Police Forces, the Muslim Brotherhood and fully compromised Govt Agencies such as TSA and BATF. Or perhaps you have a better explanation for his Treasonous Activities?

· * I located, now can’t relocate to obtain a link for you, an article saying that the FOIR (Freedom of Info) procedures were used to obtain the documents proving that almost all of QE II (600B) went to European Banks, to prop them up, to keep their insolvency invisible a while longer. So, you wanted to know why there were no ‘shovel ready projects’, why no jobs were created with all that money? Now you know. And who is responsible for the debt created to bail foreign banks and corporations? You dear reader, are responsible.And now they are ready to do it all over again and once again it is the American Taxpayer who will be liable for the debt created. YOU ARE BEING RAPED BY YOUR ‘GOVERNMENT’. Do you understand? Eight Euro-Banks have failed their very lax ‘Stress Test’ last week and will require huge new injections of Capital. There are another dozen or so beyond these first eight in the same or worse shape. A failure of just one of the Big Ones will ‘domino’ the rest. YOUR last dime, and then YOUR wrist watches will be used to save these Banks and in turn the Ponzi Fiat Monetary System. Their ‘Doubling Down’ followed by ‘Their Tripling Down’ occurred sometime back as reported to you at the time. Everything belonging to you, your children and your grandchildren is now being BET by these Casino Owning Fed Res Ass Kissing TRAITORS. As bad as the ‘test’ show it to be, even that is a lie as all Banks, here and there, are employing utterly fraudulent accounting practices to portray some semblance of solvency. It’s all a series of GIGANTIC LIES being fed to the people of the world to keep them still and quiet while the final ‘pick pocketing’, the final round of RAPE, ROB AND PILLAGE takes place. Half their Derivatives and CDS’s are worthless (Trillions of Dollars Worth). Their ‘assets’ are still ‘Marked To Fraudulent Models’, not to market. One Euro Bank was forced to sell a month or so ago and got 5 cents for each dollar of assets showing the other banks they could not even consider selling without their true condition becoming known. The Banks continue to be bailed out with Sovereign Debt which is then laid off onto the innocent people. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. They pocketed TRILLIONS of the way up, on the way down 100% of the losses are being laid off on YOU (and me) with the co-operation of the Politicians who work for the Banks and the Fed, not the people. YOUR GOVERNMENT is facilitating this con job. YOUR GOVERNMENT is intentionally impoverishing your family and your heirs in order to make whole a few thousand CRIMINALS in the Banks, Wall Street and Affiliated Elite.

• Obama continues to block deliveries. Obama continues to say deliveries will never occur as long as he is President. This is what Obama has been saying for two hundred weeks. This is what Obama has been doing and what WE have been reporting for two hundred weeks. Anyone who has not yet been able to obtain this ‘news’ after two hundred weeks has zero desire to know the truth or to observe the obvious.. Miscellaneous blockages by other personalities such as Geithner, Lawyers at the World Court, Bernanke, Bush, Clinton, The Queen, The Vatican, etc. etc. etc. all amount to the same thing as they are all allies of and in the same tub as Obama and often ‘take turns’ throwing boulders on the railroad tracks which apparently keeps confused those who refuse to acknowledge the Simple, Age Old, Obvious and Well Known Truth that OBAMA IS CONTINUING TO BLOCK DELIVERIES. Friends, you likely would not believe the continuous ‘string’ of stories carried across the Grapevine each day, each week. Those totally invested in the refusal to acknowledge the daily blockage by Obama twist and contort themselves into Pretzels each week attempting some alternate explanation. It is akin to watching an ‘erector set’ being put together day after day as those still buying the ‘company line’ (which is put out worldwide daily) attempt to explain why the previous one hundred things they said have not come true as they daily add still another piece to their forever under construction ‘erector set’. As WE have reported dozens of times, all the ‘make-ready’ activity in the world is useless until the ‘Second Rail’ Players allow the ‘First Rail Players’ to ‘turn it loose’. As WE hear it, most of ‘The World’ is involved in trying to figure out how to overcome Obama’s blockage and until that is accomplished those who refuse to acknowledge the obvious will go on adding to their ‘erector sets’ each day.

•Did you notice that the Age Old Ongoing Never Ending ASS KISSING of the Fed Chairman by the PATHETIC POLITITIONS on the House Banking Committee last week with the exception of Ron Paul and Maxine Waters? How can there be any doubt who runs this country, who these Politicians work for after watching that performance, the deference, the reverence. Gold is not money says Bernanke. The Fed is not losing money in spite of buying Trillions of Dollars of Toxic Assets from the Banks (and making the people liable). And, the FED is a ‘Profit Center’ for the Government, having returned 200B to the Government Coffers over the last two years. No follow up questions. No challenges whatsoever. Do you think these despicable incompetent ass kissing Politicians (spit) don’t know where their bread is buttered?

· It’s a farce. What’s a farce? Every single thing in or around or associated with the Corporation and it’s Politicians in Washington D.C. is a farce. And a disgrace.

· As the last of four ‘Emergency’ procedures to fund Gov’t. from May 16th (out of money) till August 2nd (deadline for raising the debt ceiling), funds for the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) were cut off last Thursday or Friday from that use bringing into view the question “what will the markets do without Gov’t Manipulation Funds being used to back up the equity and metals markets”?. Answer, as of early afternoon Monday, DJIA down 150 points, gold above $1600. And running to the upside. No telling what the markets will do without he PPT (Plunge Protection Team) assuming the ESF was their only source of ‘manipulation capital’.

· Since ’09 coffee is up 100%, sugar 200% and gas from $1.94/gal when Obama was elected to $3.75/gal now. Inflation at 2% says Obama and Bernanke. Inflation at 9.4% say independent analyst. Who is the bald faced liar?

· No response to the note I wrote to ‘The White Hats’.

· As part of the ongoing delays there has been a hum dinger of a tussle going on in China this weekend. Panetta was present WE hear. I forgot to mention above, last week Obama was promising Euro Countries and Euro Banks bailouts by August 1…….He apparently expects more T’s from a debt ceiling increase which he then intends to hand over a major portion of newly printed funds to them (allowed by debt ceiling increase), as he did with QE II, i.e. a continuation of the status quo here and over there, led by Obama.

· Did you notice the ‘Sell-Out’ by RINO Mitch McConnell just as I predicted?

· Did you know, of the Trillions of thin air dollars sloshing back and forth for which the taxpayers are liable, 800B went to Gov’t Sachs?

· Listening to Obama speak against what happened and is continuing to happen is the Biggest Farce of all. He approved and implemented all that he now rails against. The man is Looney Toons. The man is the world’s greatest liar. Only the worlds dumbest constituency and a compliant media allows him to get away with his never ending continuous stream of lies. ”Perception is Reality” is the Liberals Thinking/Mind Set. ‘The people will believe anything’ if we just keep on saying it over and over again.

· You know, the 2.3T missing from the Pentagon would pretty well take care of current financial problems. Why do you suppose the Politicians (spit) are allowing them to get away with 2.3T missing? Do you know how much a T is? A Thousand Billion. How many years of Annual Pentagon Budgets are necessary to get to 2.3T? Approximately four (4). All should be in Prison as should every participating Politician (spit).

· So, you think all I do is complain. You think I don’t have any ideas about how to fix things. Not so buffalo breath. First we get a big pot, a really big pot. The biggest pot in the world, as big as multiple hot-tubs together. Next we sit said pot in the Rotunda of the Capital Bldg.. Then we proceed, collectively, to fill the pot with waste, fraud and abuse dollars. 30M by cancelling Pelosi’s Rat Farm. Millions from stopping the study to determine how fast shrimp can run on a treadmill. Then a Billion by cancelling the order for the Boeing cargo jet no one ordered and no one wants. The same with the warships no one ordered and no one wanted (except the Politicians (spit) who were pissing away a billion taxpayer dollars for the sole purpose of being re -elected. Next we sell off those two or three ’Bridges to No Where’ which have already been built and the private taxpayer funded airport for John Murtha who is now busy trying to explain Liberal Thinking to God. Ten cents on the dollar will do since the bridges go no where anyway. Then we sell back those 800 dollar toilet seats and 500 dollar hammers replacing them at home depot and throwing the difference in the pot. Then we cancel all the ‘earmarks’ the pitiful pathetic treasonous Politicians (spit) use to get re-elected, five billion $$ into the pot. Then we bring porta potties into Congress. No one goes home, no one uses the regular bathrooms till their ‘Pot Contributions’ are at least the equal of ours. Just think of all the things we can do such as selling Michelle’s $150,000.00 summer wardrobe on the street corner. And those dozens of new Limousines? Now there’s a pretty penny for the pot. And the Dept. of ‘Education’? Surely we can get a hundred dollars for it if we throw in the real estate. Then we have a raffle see, we sell tickets to see who gets to ‘Dunk Obama’ by throwing the ball. When the people hear that he is on a platform hanging out over the Grand Canyon and the water is the Colorado River there is no telling how much we can raise.

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